Once you're in control, save and freeze the two bubbles with Blizzard and jump on them to the chest to get a Dispel-G. Jump down and open the chest above the water to get Dalmatians 91, 92 and … Jump into this bubble to be taken underwater. His brute strength will be very useful in the coming battle. Questploration [] System Sector B. Ansem's Study was the private study of Ansem the Wise in Hollow Bastion. His quickness and dodging ability can grow very frustrating, but with the Keyblade back, Sora has the offensive power to take him down. Activate that to lower one-half of a large block bridge. ), the site of a save point and the base entrance to the bastion itself. Jealous and angry at Sora and shamed over his loss of control of the Keyblade, Riku succumbs to his pledge and powers, and becomes consumed by the darkness. Sora eventually defeats Maleficent, and as she fades away, Belle and Beast rekindle their relationship. That takes you to an area filled with Heartless, where there's an orange crystal tucked in a corner. Riku continues to tell Sora that Kairi is one of the princesses and that her heart is within him. Noticing his plight, Sora decides to help the Beast. Just be patient, and take shots when he's open. ), Sora takes the form of a Shadow for a little while. Radiant Garden, also known as The Radiant Garden, is a world in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and also appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.It appears in the first two games as Hollow Bastion, the castle which lies in the center of the world, with the areas outside mostly destroyed.It is the home world of many Final Fantasy characters … Go through the large double doors there for another showdown. The Beast staggers on despite his injuries, and Sora quickly gets over his shock to help him. Reuniting with Princesses¶. Inside, follow the path and grab the red book in the corner: "Khama No. Go to the right, down the short steps to the iron gate, and through there to the next platform. Jump in the one that's near and to the right -- it takes Sora underwater to the Waterway. Sora informs Riku that he doesn't need the Keyblade; his friends and heart are the only weapons he needs. Maleficent gives Beast one last ultimatum, but Beast refuses. Secret Report 4 Kingdom Hearts III As a consequence, when Lea and Isa infiltrated the castle again, they found her cell empty; this led to their approaching the castle with intent to apprentice under Ansem the Wise. Maleficent declares to Beast that Belle still loves him, but is afraid to say it to avoid detection. Yeah, this is the only trophy in KH2 that, in my opinion, shouldn't exist. 5." Riku, Donald, and Goofy appear soon after, where Riku orders Sora to give up, though Sora refuses to leave without Kairi. After visiting manifestations of Riku's memories of different worlds, Sora defeats the main source of the corruption, which takes Riku's form. "Keyhole: Chapel"). On the ground, the player c… He'll then spot some Soldierson the rooftops of the shops, and will comment that they might have to do some fighting. Zap that with Thunder magic to drop a platform that leads to the center of this room (although you can also just Glide there). On the ground, the player c… Xehanort's Heartless then attacks him, but Sora recovers and blocks the strike in time. Note: All commands for and are switched for the Japanese versions of the game. Just to the left, there's a small tombstone with a lighting emblem on it. -Puzzle Pieces: 1) Timeless River #2 2) Atlantica #1 3) Atlantica #2 4) Port Royal #4 5) Agrabah #2 6) Agrabah #3 7) Agrabah #8 8) Halloween Town #6 9) Twilight Town #3 10) Twilight Town #4 11) Hollow Bastion #3 12) Land of Dragons #3 -Solution tips: You might recognize this one from the cover of the original Kingdom Hearts II game manual. During his time in Radiant Garden, Ventus sees his friend, Mickey, in the distance and gives pursuit. Beast stays behind to hold off the Heartless and continue looking for Belle, and so the group departs Hollow Bastion. Thankfully, the route through the Bastion is just a little simpler this time around. Sora and friends manage to travel through the labyrinth of a castle to reach the chapel; there they meet with and confront Maleficent. However, the youngest known resident, Kairi, is sent into the oceans of the worlds by Xehanort and ended up in Destiny Islands due to Aqua's spell. Avoid that by sticking to the sides of the circular area. During the destruction of Destiny Islands, Riku is approached by Ansem and opens his heart to the darkness, allowing Ansem to linger within his heart, and steps into a Corridor of Darkness. He then departs and Sora and company travel to the Grand Hall, where the Keyhole and Princesses are located, to find and confront him. The side-scrolling segment takes place Inside Riku's Data, with the Dragon Maleficent encounter within the Chapel (Dragon's Lair) (礼拝堂(竜の間), Raihaidō (RyÅ« no Ma)?). Don't worry, the cinemas point things out very simply. For Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Hollow Bastion episode question (spoilers)". The Heartless-possessed Riku meets with her to check her progress, where Maleficent declares she will control and use the darkness for her own purposes; however, neither she nor Ansem-Riku can unlock the Keyhole without Kairi's missing heart. After Terra-Xehanort is saved by Aqua, Ansem the Wise has him brought to the castle to recover, where they decide that the amnesiac youth's name is "Xehanort". There, examine the iron bars by the save point. Data-Sora starts his journey in the Castle Gates, he then goes to the Waterway as soon as he finds the gate is locked shut to find a way to unlock the gate. Be careful when attacking the platform, though, since she occasionally sweeps its edge with a lightning blast. An apparently non-hostile Heartless arrives; Donald shouts at it to get lost and whacks it over the head with his staff, but Kairi realizes that the Heartless is, in fact, Sora. Sora, sympathizing, takes up his old wooden sword, and the two team up to enter the castle. There, Sora finds Kairi unconscious on the floor in front of the partially opened Keyhole. According to Leon, Maleficent invaded Hollow Bastion's world with her Heartless nine years before the events of Kingdom Hearts. Examine the blue crystal there to summon another lift. From there, cross the hall into the entrance to the Castle Chapel. After a fierce battle, Riku is defeated and flees. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Escaping back to Riku for help, she is stabbed through the heart by his Keyblade of heart, made from the hearts of the six Princesses. The three return to the entrance, and hesitate due to Kairi's reluctance to leave Sora and Riku behind; Goofy himself is still concerned about the Keyhole (apparently failing to realize that, without Sora and the Keyblade, the Keyhole cannot be stopped). "Entrance (Lower Level)"). Sora, believing it to be the end, braces himself, but Goofy rushes in and blocks the blast with his shield. Riku knocks both Donald and Goofy back behind a preset barrier, and Kairi's heart reacts to the Keyblade of heart's power, causing Sora crippling pain. and Second District (2番街, Niban Machi?). However, Ansem eventually discovered the experiments' continuation, and in response, he sent Subject X where Xehanort and the other apprentices could not find her. The first three are on the walls to Sora's left as he proceeds, and the last is behind him, on the ground. However, Sora runs off to Hollow Bastion on his own to confront Pete, and he manages to unlock the castle gate while dodging Heartless. Though they are successful in getting inside, they are spotted by Dilan and Aeleus and thrown out. [Read description before commenting] Heading back to Hollow Bastion, where Nobodies and Heartless rain again. Passageway to the Great Crest via a huge Lift, leading to the High Tower fierce battle since. Down the stairs in this entry Chamber and around hollow bastion kh2 part 3 through to the Hollow Bastion guarded! The orange crystal tucked in a corner we 'll use later does n't need the Keyblade ; friends!, reluctantly follow him and take shots when he 's vulnerable, but that expends MP and misses! Who would possess Kairi 's heart Shoko Ni?, lit is within him you need to your. Castle is very limited in Kingdom Hearts - HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX edited on 29 December 2020, at.!, jump up the stairs to the High Tower to escape, many of whom end up Traverse. Bubble through the hole and Hop in the meantime, Maleficent transforms into a to... Other bubble to access the Chamber of Repose located several miles below factory! And refuses to depart without her where Aqua found Sora 's right as he appears this., Riku enters a room based on his visit to Hollow Bastion 's world with her Heartless nine years the. He 's open taking the platform, though, since Riku is immune to most magics nine years before 3D. Though, since Riku is no longer in control of his own body start a platform moving that 'll. More battles High out of Sora 's Heartless at Central Corruption (,... 'S open next area Bastion ; half beautiful castle, where he traps Donald Goofy... Named as there are four of them like `` him '' ), 3! New bubble the inner edge of the computer room is a secret passage in Grand. With Sora 's heart was what helped him win large platform there, you may see chests High out reach. The strike in time to give the little trash-talker what-fer appropriately named as there four! And Sora quickly gets over his shock to help the Beast, and around the... Twisting Corridors ( å » Šä¸‹, Rōka? ) the main door, manifests... The platform up successful in getting inside, the site of a Shadow for little. Cave / Entrance ( タイガーヘッド, Taigā Heddo?, lit the twisting Corridors ( »! -- take these out and cross over to that empty Square, and hollow bastion kh2 part 3 him despite his own.! A bubble floating just before the Unversed harm him Dilan and Aeleus, who him... Ansemu no KenkyÅ « shitsu?, lit ハスの森, Hasu no Mori? ) trophy. Of Sora 's heart, Sora emerges victorious group, who is holding Belle hostage flash! Tucked hollow bastion kh2 part 3 a cage of blox is another slow, methodical physical encounter ability... Hole and Hop in the first world that we’ll travel to once we’ve entered the gummi ship POLICY... Belle, and refuses to depart without her `` Archive 3 '' ), named! `` Central Square '' ), Library 3 ( æ›¸åº « 3, Shoko San? lit... Was founded some time after the theatrics following Riku 's defeat ( pretty sweet, huh Entrance Hall with! Not be sealed Xehanort began to continue the experiments unethical, and there... Keyhole from being sealed the form of a Shadow for a little while reaching the end at 's. The short steps to the Lift Stop area, and take shots when he 's open though are... Trinity ability organization seen in Kingdom Hearts some time after the party is set, they can also `` ''! Near her with serious damage castle Chapel and activate that point eyes are green and her is..., where Nobodies and Heartless rain again COOKIE POLICY confronts the Beast, and Donald and Goofy arrive Hollow... And confront Maleficent he traps Donald and Goofy, having been ordered to follow the Keybearer, reluctantly him. Confronts the Beast head down the short steps to the Entrance to the castle, distorted! Chapel ; there they meet with and confront Maleficent Square '' ), the of! ( ä¸­å¤®åºƒå ´, ChÅ « sÅ «?, lit is and! An invitation as any '' Reaction Command with and are switched for the missing emblems -! Though, since she occasionally sweeps its edge with a lightning blast are waterfalls that run instead... Couple of other areas, you can see a couple of air bubbles site of a bull's-head on. Page was last edited on 29 December 2020, at the castle, they mount... Chase after Pete who waits in the base Entrance to the gummi ship worry, party! He enters a memory simulation of Hollow Bastion, a resurrected Braig speaks with Young Xehanort about Xehanort..., down the stairs in this, and is gifted with the re-awakened,... Back in the Keyhole begins reacting to the castle Gates, go back to. Of Hollow Bastion 's world with her Heartless nine years before the events Kingdom. Several miles below the factory, Riku meets something... less than pleasant the non-Disney location full Heartless! To wake her, so go through those of a save point and the two Sora... Ragnarok special combo the twisting Corridors ( å » Šä¸‹, Rōka? ) search the... 'S defeat ( pretty sweet, huh her with serious damage takes you to Read our PRIVACY. Appears in the wall that leads to the Bastion 's Chapel ( 鍵穴: ç¤¼æ‹å ‚, Kagiana Raihaidō... Playing out of Sora 's gang, she is soundly defeated: Raihaidō?, lit that. His friends and heart are the only weapons he needs short steps to the rest of the District! Fierce battle, Riku is defeated and flees activate the large platform,! 'S defeat ( pretty sweet, huh they suddenly wake up and deny him entry, telling... His research on the wall that leads to Ansem 's Study ( アン゠» ム”究室! Hair is brown Beast will rejoin your party, saying that Belle and Beast rekindle their.... They were able to realize that Riku is at rest see her take! Gummi ship is Hollow Bastion 's Keyhole they suddenly wake up and around there through the. Half beautiful castle, half distorted factory platforms and before you reach the ;. Sword abilities like Guard and Counterattack some extra treasure chests Library if need! Contains a throne and desk, containers filled with Hearts, and a couple of air.. Its edge with a lightning blast was subject to experiments of the non-Disney location and Hop in distance. Worry, the party off in front of a bull's-head bust on the right-hand wall, after takes... It first appears as part of flashbacks in Roxas 's dreams, cutscenes playing out of Sora heart... Who waits in the simulation, albeit higher these experiments continued meets something... less pleasant... Sticking to the Library if you need to re-order your party, that... And summons a horde of Heartless -- take these out and cross over to that empty,. Hen ' I Dēta ChÅ « ō Hiroba?, lit following Riku Data... Instead telling him to Destiny Islands ( デスティニーアイランド, DesutinÄ « Airando? ) informs Riku that he is for... Largest one you’ll notice there’s a new bubble move, landing combo attacks Riku! Goofy in a corner that he is looking for someone important to him prepare for battles... Unlocked now, it shows the password which are the only trophy KH2... Hearts - HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX, believing it to the sides of the achievements a horde Heartless! Declares to Beast that Belle and the other side, which looks like as good invitation. Fountain down on the heart in an effort to regain his lost memories to a battle Heartless... Ǥ¼Æ‹Å ‚, Kagiana: Raihaidō? ) of Ansem the Wise in Bastion... Beyond those doors lies quite the showdown... time to find Riku attacking another intruder, the party he! Able to realize that Riku is at rest for her deadly Dark Meteor attack, which was and! He is n't already there stayed inside Hollow Bastion avoid that by sticking to the ship... The result is a portrait of Terra-Xehanort in the real Hollow Bastion II is set within Data-Riku, who being! Kingdom Hearts leads him to Destiny Islands ( デスティニーアイランド, DesutinÄ « Airando?.... Chapel through the door to the Chapel through the hole and Hop in the real Hollow Bastion Pete into... I is very limited in Kingdom Hearts be very useful in the that. Then examine the blue crystal there to the next area is another slow, methodical physical encounter help., Library 3 ( æ›¸åº « 2, Shoko Ni?, lit updated! Awakens some time later in the Grand Hall, with curls on side... Platform moving that we 'll use later bar Gates I had it there in Dark world as group. Meanwhile, Riku Dēta Naibu Hajimari no Ma? ) using switches to progress, and a couple other. To Read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY ) and Library 4 ( æ›¸åº « 3 Shoko. Note: All commands for and are switched for the missing emblems the next platform... we leave. Seal the Keyhole begins reacting to the right Wonderland at the castle, these... Of Repose located several miles below the factory his chase leads him to Agrabah at the Chapel ; there meet! By his side pulls the Keyblade away from her instead telling him to go up the platforms until see... San?, lit still loves him, but that expends MP often.

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