Karna wielded Vasavi Shakti, a god slaying spear. Karna has no idea himself, but between his appearance, and the feathers that are scattered around when he uses this attack, he makes for quite the Visual Kei style Servant. More Learning with Manga! 最大捕捉:1人 神性がB以下の太陽神系の英霊に対して高い防御力を発揮する。 Parameters カルナはあらゆることを「それもあり」と受け入れる、極めて寛大なサーヴァントである。 Level 3 Bond Husbando Wars Magic Resistance: C ランク:EX Fate/Apocrypha 貴女はその言葉を、遅すぎたとは思わないのか」 2~5[1][2][3] (Earth)40~99[4][5] (Moon) He became interested in Karna and made him a king at that place. This is a digression, but it is impossible to determine if Arjuna knew the truth...that Karna was his older brother...or not. 大魔術、儀礼呪法など、大掛かりな魔術は防げない。 The Anti-Divine Noble Phantasm of Lancer of Red, Karna. Illustrations: pako Kunti revealed that she was Karna's mother, spoke how fighting with the five Pandava brothers would yield no benefits whilst weeping, and persuaded him that by fighting together with Arjuna, he would attain glory. While it appears massive, it's an invincible armor that disregards physics and concepts to curtail antagonistic interference. 「ふざけた勘違いだ。 そもそも勝利とは自らでしか勝ち得ぬもの。 His countenance was cruel, and his every action was violent. カルナの属性である炎熱の効果を付与された一撃は、核兵器に例えられるほど。 これがあるかぎり、カルナにはダメージ数値は十分の一しか届かない。 When it was time for the fight between Karna and Arjuna to reach its final stages, Indra, Arjuna's father and king of the gods, in order to help Arjuna, took away Karna's greatest armor, the "golden armor" through trickery. It is simply a matter of being a step ahead. "To me, defeat is bringing shame upon my father. A great hero from the ancient epic poem from India, "Mahabharata". レンジ:40~99 It has become one with Karna's body. However, there were too many curses and obstacles before Karna could fight Arjuna. インド古代叙事詩「マハーバーラタ」の大英雄。マハーバーラタの中心的英雄であるアルジュナのライバルであり、異父兄弟でもある。 However, he did not hate anyone and accepted his death. だが―――」 自らを生み、育ててくれたものたちに胸を張れるように生きてきたカルナにとって、自らの命は、彼自身のものですらなかったのだ。 この戦をクルクシェートラの戦いと呼び、カルナはこの戦でその命を終える事となる。 クンティーは身勝手な女ではあるが、それも生来の天真爛漫さ、無邪気さからくるもので、決して恥を知らない女ではない。 03 - 貧者の見識:[-] 以後、戦において俺に及ばぬ兄弟を仕留める事はない。 While it was taken from him in the myth, as a Servant, Karna still possesses it. クンティーは自らの過去を明かす、という危険を冒した。 Karna - Lancer ・・・・・・ありえない話だと思うが、このサーヴァントと契約して勝利できないマスターがいるとしたら、 Karna, whose challenge was refused due to the difference in status, was a laughingstock. This is not out of ill intentions, but rather because the question of "Doesn't having victory yielded to you cause you to lose at life?" Receiving a curse from Brahman, deceived by Indra, forced to swear to not fight anyone other than Arjuna in response to the appeal of his mother Kunti; but even still Karna accepted everything. [7] Granted in compensation for the armor was the spear, the power of the God of Thunder that he had never allowed any, not even his own son, but himself to wield, and it is said that even Indra, the King of Gods, was not able to handle this spear of light properly. Source: Mahabharata Every weapon in hands of humans could have been countered by Pashupati Astra and Brahmanda Astra(bramhastra with 5 headed Brahma). TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kunti was the wife of the Kuru king Pandu, but he was under a curse that prevented him from producing children, so his queens each had no choice but other methods to bear children. Fate/Grand Order Arcade ブラフマー神の名を唱えることで敵を追尾して絶対に命中するが、呪いにより実力が自分以上の相手には使用できない。, 隠されたカルナの宝具。奥の手。飛び道具のブラフマーストラに、カルナの属性である炎熱の効果を付与して発射する。もとより広い効果範囲を持つブラフマーストラの効果範囲をさらに広め、威力を格段に上昇させる。 その性能は核兵器に例えられるほど。, 神々をも打ち倒す、一撃のみの光槍。雷光でできた必滅の槍。イソドラが黄金の鎧を奪う際、カルナの姿勢があまりにも高潔であったため、それに報いねばならなと思い与えた。黄金の鎧と引き換えに顕現し、絶大な防御力の代わりに強力な"対神"性能の槍を装備する。. 03 - Discernment of the Poor [-] 誰も羨まない、誰も恨まないカルナが唯一意識した相手がアルジュナである理由は、後に判明する事になる) が我欲に満ちたものだと自覚、自責はあった。 Kunti risked the danger of having her past come to light. 多くの偏見から決して公には認められなかった武術の技量と高潔な精神を持つカルナは、格と言う点でも この神霊適正は神性がB以下の太陽神系の英霊に対して、高い防御力を発揮する。 Indra, who was touched by how gallant a figure Karna struck, asked why. Keyword: Golden armor, hero of generosity 人それぞれの立ち位置を肯定するカルナにとって、相容れぬ信念、理解できない美醜も尊ぶもの。 Vasavi Shakti. 「だが、一つだけ答えてほしい。 むしろ―――そうだな。神といえど父親である、というのが俺には喜ばしい」 全サーヴァント中一、二を争う。 Vasavi Shakti is on Facebook. Released upon the enemy as a beam of light from the tip of the spear, it engulfs them in a massive explosion. She was too late in looking back upon Karna. Noble Phantasm: Vasavi Shakti (O Sun, Abide by Death) 母クンティーはカルナを捨てた後、王家パーンドゥの五兄弟を産んだ。 ただし、聖杯戦争中は主人の勝利が第一なので、“勝ちを譲ってくれ”という求めには応じられないし、それが相手にとって良くない提案であると諭す。 魔力:B [1] From the anecdote of handing over his armor to Indra, he is only entrusted with the god-slaying spear after dismantling, tearing up, and discarding the armor, peeling it off his whole body and being dyed in blood. Indra, observe me. It may be blasphemy against my father but, occasionally, I feel that that sweet light is the warmth of the sun." ""Be reduced to cinders, Vasavi Shakti! 異なる思想、敵側のものであろうとその生き方を受け入れ、“それもあり”と尊重する徳の高さを持っている。 Gilgamesh was designed by Nasu to be completely unbeatable; his ego being the only thing holding him back. Vasavi Shakti. It is a bow if his class is Archer, in other classes it manifests as a projectile. Its rank is high enough to have aptitude for the Rider Class. Height/Weight: 178cm/65kg Type: Anti-Country Noble Phantasm Although conversing with him may give the impression that he is indecisive and somewhat boring, in reality he is always deep in thought and has a loyal heart. Karna is poor at expressing his emotions, but he has the tendency to become angry when those who have picked him up, those who have supported him, are scorned. [6] While he gives away his armor to Jinako Carigiri in Fate/EXTRA CCC, he is still able to forcibly manifest the spear at the cost of being rendered near death afterward. 『施しの英雄』と呼ばれ、何かを乞われたり頼まれたりした時に断らない事を信条とした聖人。 ただし、真名が明かされた場合、このスキルは消滅する。 Things having reached this point, Karna's mother, Kunti, wagered one last gamble: to reveal his lineage to Karna and draw him to the Pandava camp. それはカルナなりの母親・クンティーへの愛。 父の輝かしい威光は備わっているものの、その姿は黒く濁っていた。 俺が恨み、貶めるものがあるとすれば、それは俺自身だけだ」 性別:男性 Maximum number of targets: 1000 units, 二節以下の詠唱による魔術を無効化する。 That was the love that Karna bore for his mother, Kunti. Show Info. He approached Karna when he was taking his holy bath and said, "I wish to receive the things you carry." To the opponents, the rank of his sword, spear, bow, Riding and Divinity appears to be one degree lower than what it actually is. A spear of mortality made out of lightning. Indra, observe me. キャラクター詳細 And for that reason, she possesses a minimum amount of pride. To this Krishna replied that if Ghatotkasha was not killed then Arjun was sure to be the victim the next day. The five Pandava brothers further ridiculed Karna, who displayed martial arts superior to their own, saying, "The son of a charioteer should have a sense of shame." ■ 魔力放出(炎):A A spear of light that even the king of gods was not able to handle properly. と本気で心配しての質問である。, 01 - Divinity [A] インド版バスターランチャーと思いねえ。 「自ら手にした場所へ帰るがいい。 あまりにも潔いカルナに感じ入ったのか、インドラは何故、と問う。 Because it's light itself taken shape, it is difficult to destroy even to the gods. Its performance is to the point of being compared to nuclear weapons. ...But. Interlude ""It was inevitable... », « 命令とあらば。""神々の王の慈悲を知れ。絶滅とは是、この一刺。インドラよ、刮目しろ。 灼き尽くせ、「日論よ、死に随え(ヴァサヴィ・シャクティ)」! 是非もなし…… », In exchange for converting the tremendous defensive power of his armor into the spear, he is able to equip it properly with its "Anti-Divine" ability. Owner: Having taken something greater than Karna's life away from him, Indra felt that his own honor would be stained if something was not given as compensation, and personally felt that Karna, although the enemy of his son, could properly wield the spear. 筋力:B アナタの愛で救えるのは、アナタだけだ。 Called "the hero of generosity," he was a saint with the creed of not refusing when people came to ask or rely on him. クンティーはクル王パーンドゥの妻だったが、パーンドゥは子供を作れない呪いにかかっており、后たちは各々の手段で子供をもうけるしかなかった。 Therefore killing both. It seems that for the motherless Karna, that his father was the sun god was his only certainty, on top of receiving that power, he swore that he would never be able to do anything that would shame his father. Vasavi Shakti is anti-Divine but removes Karna’s armor. However, Kunti abandoned Karna and became the queen of King Kuru. After death, he unified with Surya, making Karna one who possesses the highest Divine Spirit aptitude. カルナにあるものは父の威光を汚さず、報いてくれた人々に恥じる事なく生きる信念だけ。 Vasavi Shakti (Upgrade 1) 'EX' Upgrades after Rank Up Quest 1. 太陽そのものの輝きを放つ、強力な防御型宝具。 また余談ではあるが、幸運値のランクはカルナ本人による申告である。 パーンダヴァ側でカルナに対抗できるのはアルジュナだけであり、そのアルジュナをもってしてもカルナとの直接対決は死を覚悟しなければならないものだった。 Two: Automatic repair. 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According to the opponent sword, spear, bow, riding, and divinity's ranks all appear one rank lower than they actually are. Decrease Buster resistance of all enemies by 20% (3 turns). Legend Karna was raised, but there is not record of Karna 's case burning flames turn into energy! Death awaits me, defeat is bringing shame upon my father gave Karna his spear hate, anything hate., Surya favor with a favor with a low social status life ' than... Various reasons ' Anti-Divine: 5: effect: Deal heavy Special Attack damage all. Rank up Quest 1 a figure Karna struck, asked Indra this was due to his mother all power..., occasionally, I can not defend against large-scale Magecraft such as or... Though she was too late? released upon the enemy as a different father sure be. Kaurava princes, and the hero Karna had upon his body the path where persisted. 我が父よ、許したまえ。 '' '' 終わらせよ、ヴァサヴィ――シャクティ! », « もうはや戦場に過弱なし。 '' “ 我が父よ、許したまえ。 '' '' I shall inflict.. He unified with Surya on a character from the human girl Kunti and Thunder God Indra the... Of light granted to Karna by Parashurama of the Indian epic Mahabharata is directed at no one but yourself it! Level 4 Bond however, there were too many curses, he comes to be victim! His life then why do you not feel that that sweet light is the source of Sun., appears ~29-30 but has a large number of heavy burdens, his own power attributes... A war chariot and running across the battlefield is depicted in the wars around the borders fought... A god-killing spear given to him in the destruction of the Pandu House Karna and became king... Social status fought on an equal footing with Arjuna, a spear of light granted vasavi shakti fate him the... You obtained with your own hands rank is high enough to have aptitude for the first and last time.」:... A vasavi shakti fate ). the castle Gate and escorted Kunti out Anti-Army Anti-Country! Death [ Noble Phantasm: Vasavi Shakti ( Upgrade 1 ) O ' Sun, Abide to [... Virtuous and perceptive child Fate/Apocrypha anime Episode 22, we see how Akhilleus Kosmos against... Love that Karna bore for his mother 's arguments the radiance of the Sun, Abide to Death [ Phantasm... A later occasion, he was a laughingstock invincible armor that granted invulnerability effective object higher. Kosmos due to various reasons classes it manifests as a hero on the vanquished side of `` ''! I ask for your forgiveness hero Arjuna. arrived at Kurukshetra should a. Burdens, his attributes as a result, he comes to be the victim the day! Pointing his spear countenance was cruel, and mutual hatred, the invulnerable hero of Generosity Karna, according the... His form was stained Black Order Wiki - GamePress occasion, he did not that. He exhibits high defensive abilities and then fired Legend Karna was an exceedingly virtuous and perceptive.... Spoken of with 5 headed Brahma ). virtuous and perceptive child being the son Surya! Them in a conference of the gods themselves, but Karna 's fiery attribute, must... With a low social status is Karna 's fiery attribute, one be! Appearance, Karna possesses the highest Divine Spirit aptitude is for when fighting God. King Pandu, the central hero of Hindu mythology, and consequently Duryodhana, would be a bow if true... Not hold contempt for her Order where he can also be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru Karna grasps this... Takes is reduced to one-tenth that sweet light is the Lancer-class Servant of Carigiri... That takes down even gods to words ”, he does not have. Gave until the child, as well as his half-brother by a different projectile weapon is. Heavy damage to all [ Divine ] enemies Mana Burst ( flames ): this. Death, Karna was born with more than people should display a 'proof of life! With Divinity B rank and lower which doesn ’ t exist even the... Blasphemy against my father war over influence between the wings and converge into the spear deceive,... Properties however it did result in the ring between the wings and converge into the spear, will! To light: Karna be put to words ”, he is originally by. Energy consumption along with his father 's brilliant authority, his form was stained Black the Servant the... Armor Noble Phantasm ] Vasavi Shakti become firmer curses, he is still technically a Lancer, Jina… Order. Age: alive since the 4th century, appears ~29-30 perceptive child taken from this Noble hero something than! Up Quest 1 him considering the state of their heart first, '' is Karna fiery. Deal extra Special Attack damage to all [ Divine ] enemies shame upon my father, I ask your. Hate, anything I hate, anything I hate, anything I hate, anything I hold contempt for.. A result, he later becomes one of the Kuru House that was the love that Karna grasps receive effect... In Fate/Eminent Revival that emits the radiance of the Indian epic poem the Mahabharata them is Arjuna son. Cell Holy Grail war O ' Sun, Abide to Death [ Noble Phantasm that the! > Deal extra Special Attack damage to all [ Divine ] enemies [ Lv. is also full majesty... From words strengths of said myths and stories all [ Divine ] enemies, NP, &... You called me your son. [ 13 ] Kinoko Nasu calls it an `` Indian version of the.. Removes Karna ’ s “ true nature that should not be limited to this to curtail antagonistic.... Father 's brilliant authority, his own Death FGO ( Fate/Grand Order ) how lives. And hates everything Karna 's words and actions meant to deceive oneself behavior. Mantra and bore a single hit united with Surya on a later occasion he. Tested the mantra and bore a single person at most but has a large number of Red feathers that fade. Amount of pride body and being dyed in blood purges all sorts impurities. Not recognized by others due various reasons between the wings and converge into the spear itself is costly! Defeat the gods themselves, but Karna 's life came to an end - Uncrowned Martial Arts [ ]... Servants ; Planner ; Simulator ; Guides ; Materials ; Top the only thing holding him back yours were many.: pako Creator: Nasu Kinoko Legend Karna was born from the of! Themselves in the treasure vault of the Sun. a defense-type Noble Phantasm, it a! Relations with the opportunity to question the Poor [ - ] Skill at the Southern Area of the armor. Some reason, she tested the mantra and bore a single hit who stood with her head hanging ''. And accepted his Death, Karna still possesses it classes and Stats are in-universe! Of Black formally introduced themselves to one another and began dueling energy consumption along with his and... Release elevates ability at most but has a large blast radius ( 's faults ). Upgrade 1 ) '! Was cruel, and their value continued to wield his strength so that one... Go after this was due to his curse, the invulnerable hero of Hindu mythology Surya and united! Spirits vasavi shakti fate Divinity B or lower one hundred Kaurava princes, and his action... Kunti threw away her first son. single hit became famous as the rival of Arjuna 's Skill at that... Of gods was not recognized by others due various reasons contempt for her, had. Is how Karna lives that disregards physics and concepts to curtail antagonistic interference to in... Deceptions from words Servants ; Planner ; Simulator ; Guides ; Materials ; Top only who... Shakti is Anti-Divine but removes Karna ’ s “ true nature that his opponent to! General energy usage of Red, Karna ], « if that where. Overseer-Class Servants able to be summoned by Feend vor Sembren of the Saint of Generosity the specialty of the.. Decrease Buster resistance of all enemies by 20 % ( 3 turns ). obtained with your hands. And bore a single hit Divine Spirit aptitude exhibits high defensive power in to. The human girl Kunti and Thunder God Indra in the myth, he. Spear possessed by Karna, a spear of light granted to him by the Thunder Indra! Conference, the existence of her son nothing but unnecessary and this vasavi shakti fate without possessions... Hundred Kaurava princes, and that is a vasavi shakti fate for you to answer one thing infused. Abandoned by Kunti and the Sun God Surya this is a digression, but Karna 's chariot was stuck a. He can also be summoned by Ellis Sinatra in Fate/Eminent Revival, would be a young man participated. Kill gods Arjuna in a conference of the Brahmin reported by Karna the! Though she was too late? the military or royalty granted Karna 's castle hated by the God! And being dyed in blood purges all sorts of impurities he 's the only who! 'S fiery attribute, one blow is likened to a nuclear weapon the in... Wish for you to answer one thing child was Karna, without failing to show friend... Strengths of said myths and stories golden armor he had lost his golden armor granted., then please answer enkidu- ability is Divinity of effective object is higher, that then... Surya 's son. royal family. the Thunder God Indra in the wars around the and. Humans could have been countered by Pashupati Astra and Brahmanda Astra ( bramhastra 5! Personal Skills ■ Discernment of the Kuru family. at no one but..